Marksman Damage Output Calculator

Back in the day (and when I say that I mean my Sophomore year of college), I created an excel spreadsheet that helped keep track of a number of different things revolving around the damage output of an Attack Damage carry. I thought it was pretty good, but there were a lot of mistakes throughout it and, although it was a decent indicator of the relative strengths of carries throughout the course of a game, it wasn’t good enough. For this reason, after I learned to use Python the following year, I immediately began programming my first independent project, a calculator to measure the relative values of carries. Now I eventually finished it and it was extremely messy and gross, but generally speaking it actually worked fairly well. I was quite proud of my creation, but I didn’t really know what to do with it, so it has sat on my computer for a few years now with nothing to do. It’s no longer completely accurate and new carries have been released since I wrote the code, but the basics of the code are still mostly correct and with just a little editing could be fixed to still be completely functional.

The calculator code: Calculator Code

Here’s a copy of the folder used to throw all of it together. There is a separate file for each carry because each has their own base stats and scalings, as well as their own abilities that alter the damage output in some way. I put each in a separate file for my sanity, but it was all still pretty gnarly. Regardless, feel free to grab my code and change whatever you might want with it. I still think it works fairly well, and I’m happy to let anyone who wants to use it grab it from me to create their own version of the calculator (and maybe improve it quite a bit). Check it out if you want, but do remember it is slightly out of date and not going to be perfect for everyone (MF rework, Draven changes, small base stat changes, etc.).