In my last semester of college I had to take a round of Electronics (the last course necessary to graduate with a degree in Physics, focus on Astrophysics). I somewhat wish I had taken the course earlier so I could instead only take 3 courses my last semester, but obviously I hadn’t done that and had to take the course then. All around the course was extremely interesting and (hopefully) super useful for my future. I loved learning about wiring things and getting things to work, as it’s something I’ve always enjoyed (the whole building construction thing). Anyway, the end of the semester rolled around, and I was required do some project using the knowledge gained from the course over the past semester. I originally wanted to do this head phone set-up, but that fell through and I had to find something else. This ended up with me settling on the MAGPI, the Micro-Arduino Gaming Platform Interface. The MAGPI was a device created by an awesome guy who uploaded his designs to the Instructables website, where I was able to follow his designs and create my own version of the device. If you’d like to take a deeper look into my creation, you can read the Instructable I uploaded to the Instructables site.

My Experience with the MAGPI

Feel free to look around my Instructable and make sure to check out Zippy314’s much more detailed instructions on how to build the device.