I Make My Dreams a Reality

Nearly two years ago, now, I had a week where I had a few different dreams. I don’t normally remember my dreams, for whatever reason, but when I do I tend to remember them extraordinarily well. Now these three dreams I had all were about different things, but the one I want to talk about involves an adventure that I undertook. In this dream, I was walking around with my girlfriend, near a lake. As we wandered around the edge of it, I was suddenly hit from behind and stunned for a few seconds, as some shadowy figure whisked her away from me towards a nearby cave. After I was able to recover I went charging off into the cave to find her. Eventually, I came to a door with some indecipherable language on it, but, since I couldn’t read it, I pushed in through the door anyway, coming into a small cavern. At one side there was a black portal and, not seeing any indication of my girlfriend there, I went straight into the portal, coming out in what seemed to be the same cavern I had just left. Regardless, I moved forward to the door and opened it again, to find myself back in the cave tunnel, except this time the walls were lined with torches. As I moved through the tunnel I continually saw shadows dancing off to the side, which seemed to make little sense. Every time I turned to see what it was, however, it would disappear and nothing would happen. Eventually I came out to a grove where I turned to see my shadow leave my body and begin to assault me. Except for the timely arrival of some random adventurer, I would have likely died. This was the point at which I woke up.

This might seem like a somewhat familiar story, if you’ve read a bit about my game Shadow Quest. Do you know why? It’s because I literally based the game off my dream that I had two years ago. Maybe that doesn’t seem that special to some people, but to me I think that’s incredible. How often can someone say they make their dreams a reality? That’s the overarching point – when I dream something up, even those created while sleeping, I go all out to make it come true. It might a dream like Shadow Quest. It might be a dream to become a game designer. It might be a dream to find the perfect girl. In the end, though, I work (and work hard) for my dreams because I believe more than anything else I can make my dreams become reality.