Farmer at Heart

Well I’ve felt this way for a few months now, mostly since I moved back home. I live pretty much out in the middle of nowhere in Kansas, which is known for its farming and tornadoes and the Wizard of Oz. To me, however, it’s mostly about the farming because I think, at heart, I’m a farmer.

Now when I say this I don’t mean I want to go out and buy myself a farm and spend every hour of every day working on it. I just think the qualities that I see in farmers are qualities I see in myself. Farmers, to me, are hard-working, dedicated individuals. They care about what they do, whether it’s growing corn or wheat or raising cattle or pigs or horses. They’re gentle with the people and animals with which they work and care deeply about what happens to those in their life. They lead simple lives; they don’t need stuff like Twitter or Facebook and the entire load of meaningless drivel so prevalent in today’s society. It takes a lot to make them angry and they are generally extraordinarily patient individuals, as one would have to be. They believe in making things work based on their ability, not piggy backing off someone else for success. They are genuine in their work and relationships; they don’t back stab others for personal gain because that entire concept seems absurd to them. They are chivalrous. They are kind. They love the world they’re in because they can see the beauty of the world around them. Even something as simple as a cornfield can be beautiful when viewed through the right eyes.

I guess my point is I see all of those qualities in myself, and those are the qualities I attribute to the farmers I’ve met in my life. So much of my life, I think, is defined by those qualities because farming is just an incredibly old-school way of life, and that’s something I admire greatly.