A New Champion Approaches (Magma Champ Design)


Passive: Harden – Magma draws power from fault lines, permanently increasing his armour and magic resist by 0.5 every time one is opened. Cannot exceed 50 bonus armour and magic resist.

Q: Pressurize – Provides Magma with an aura that deals increasing damage over 5 seconds before exploding for the same amount of damage dealt over the previous 5 seconds. If the explosion overlaps a fault line, the fault line is opened and the explosion includes the slow and damage from the fault line.

Damage dealt: 120/180/240/300/360 (+0.2 per 1 armour and magic resist) (magic damage)
Cooldown: 5/5/5/5/5 seconds after explosion
Radius of Tick Damage: 200 units
Radius of Explosion: 300 units
Mana Cost: 50 mana

W: Fault Line – Weakens the ground at a target location in a line. The Fault Line lasts for 5 seconds. Champions passing over the fault line take damage and are slowed. If a champion passes over it, the fault line disappears after 1 second. Fault lines can be opened by Pressurize and Quake, splitting the ground open and becoming impassable terrain. Open Fault Lines last for 5 seconds.

Damage: 2% of max health (+1% per 1000 Health) (magic damage)
Slow Amount: 10%/12.5%/15%/17.5%/20%
Slow Duration: 3/3/3/3/3 seconds
Cooldown: 22/20/18/16/14 seconds
Fault Line Width: 125 units
Length of Fault Line: 500/550/600/650/700 units
Range: 800 units
Mana Cost: 30 mana

E: Quake – Creates an earthquake at target location in a line which explodes after 0.75 seconds damaging and slightly knocking back enemies in the area. If the quake is cast above a fault line, the fault line is opened and the quake gains damage equal to double the damage dealt by the fault line, doubles the knockback distance and adds a slow to the end of the knockback equal to double the slow provided by the fault line.

Damage: 80/120/160/200/240 (+0.2 per 1 armour and magic resist) (magic damage)
Bonus Damage: 4% of max health (+2% per 1000 health)
Bonus Slow: 2x Slow Amount of Fault Line
Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds
Knockback distance: 100 units
Length of Quake: 500/550/600/650/700 units
Width of Quake: 200 units
Range: 800 units
Mana Cost: 70

R: Eruption – Magma flows into an open fault line and bubbles for 1 second. After one second, explodes from the fault line, removing the fault line but covering the ground with a field of magma. Units within the magma field take a flat damage on the first hit then are burned every second dependent upon the strength of Fault Line’s damage. Units within the magma field are also slowed based on the strength of Fault Line’s slow, refreshing each time damage is taken. Slow disappears after escaping magma field.

Initial Damage: 100/200/300 (+0.2 per 1 armour and magic resist)
Damage per Second: 1% of max health (+0.5% per 1000 health)
Total Damage: 100/200/300 (+0.2 per 1 armour and magic resist) + 5% of max health (+2.5% per 1000 health)
Slow Amount: 4x Slow Amount of Fault Line
Cooldown: 100/80/60
Mana Cost: 100 mana
Radius of Magma Field: 600
Range: 1000 units

Analysis of the Kit

Playstyle: Magma is designed as a tank that soaks damage while slowly burning surrounding enemies using Pressurize and providing minor peel and crowd control through use of Fault Line, Quake and Eruption. The core concept is creating fault lines during a fight and using the different interactions among the other three abilities to provide the most important utility to his team, whether it is an area of effect slow or an increased knockback and slow amount. On top of this, creative placement of fault lines can allow for powerful initiations and team fight presence through open fault lines for Eruption. All of these contribute to a fairly high damage output while maintaining minor disruption ability and extreme tankiness thanks to Harden.

Early Game: I would envision him probably going into the jungle, mostly because of the clear speed of camps and the decent ganks available, especially post-6 with the gap closing ability of Eruption in conjunction with an open fault line. I could potentially see Magma filling the role of a top lane tank or a bottom lane support as well. For top lane as a tank, Magma could have fairly straightforward build path into tank items, particularly Sunfire Cape, for the synergy with his Pressurize. The amount of burn damage is fairly strong and the extra armour and magic resist gained from Harden will allow him to better duel top lane bruisers. He can also set up ganks from his jungler through solid use of Fault Lines and Quakes. As a support he could provide some pretty gnarly crowd control post-6 and could definitely see some strength leveling Quake or Fault Line earlier, where in other roles he would primarily want to level Pressurize. This would give him decent poking power, along with ok engage and disengage. This would likely be his weakest phase, as I believe his team fight presence would be quite strong with maximum cooldown reduction and tank stats.

Mid Game: Should be getting decently tanky around mid game thanks to the bonus stats from Harden and how his ratios scale with tank stats. He can set up some pretty strong fights through the use of Fault Line and Quake, and Pressurize keeps up some decent damage as he hangs out in the middle of a team. I think he wants to make sure he’s sticking to squishier champions due to the burn damage of his Pressurize being fairly strong once maxed. He can also peel off some champions with Quake, while also creating a large zone field by placing Eruption as a good spot.

Late Game: I think this is where he would shine. Magma has hopefully built primarily full tank and cooldown reduction, and, therefore, should be a pretty crazy crowd control machine with area of effect slows from Pressurize combined with Fault Line and, of course, the powerful damage of his ultimate with the great scaling for percent maximum health damage. Eruption should have an 80% slow when activated with a radius of 600 units, making his ultimate about the size of Curse of the Sad Mummy with the slowing power of Nunu’s Absolute Zero. The free tanks stats from Harden should hopefully be maxed out at this point and fault lines should be appearing about every 8 seconds, allowing for consistent synergy with other abilities. I would hope this is Magma’s strongest phase.

Potential Problems

Harden (Passive): I worry about how strong his passive would be. Some of the strongest passive armour and magic resist buffs are included in Shyvana’s Dragonborn, Olaf’s Ragnarok and Wukong’s Stone Skin, but none of them are as large of buffs as Magma’s +50/+50. Rammus has the classic Defensive Ball Curl at +120/+120, but that is not permanently on for him. I also worry about how easily the passive could be stacked, but I do like the interaction it has with the rest of Magma’s kit (more like an active passive than a passive passive).

Pressurize (Q): I like the idea behind it and how it scales up in damage must like pressure building up in a volcano. I do not actually feel like there are too many potential major flaws with this, as it plays out somewhat like a Leona Eclipse (which I believe functions pretty well). This is the primary source of damage for him, which, as Shyvana’s burnout functions fairly well for her primary damage dealer, seems to be alright in this case. The biggest worry would be the ability to stick to another champion long enough to keep the damage applied for the whole duration.

Fault Line (W): This is the core part of the kit. It is extremely weak by itself, but it works well in conjunction with his other abilities. I like that it ties into his kit and allows for some decision making on the part of the person playing Magma, instead of just spamming the skill over and over without any thought processing going into it. One of my worries is how it can almost be a limiter, however; I mean this as the other abilities must be kept intentionally weaker simply because they can at some point be stronger. I also wonder how readable the ability would be – how easy would it be to create fault lines as a player and would players playing as and against the champion be able to understand the mechanics of Fault Line without too much trouble? Along with that, if creating open Fault Lines is hard, how difficult might be it to activate Eruption at a meaningful time? These are things I would have to explore, but I like the idea of combo-ing abilities with each other a lot.

Quake (E): So I worry a little about this ability. I think it sounds cool, but I worry about the ease at which one could land it. If it’s too hard, the kit is hurt pretty badly because it loses the only real ranged ability in the kit. On the other hand if the ability is too easy to land it might be too strong, especially in conjunction with Fault Line.

Eruption (R): There are a few different things that worry me about this one. First I worry that it will deal too much damage if someone is stuck in it for the whole duration. On the other hand, I worry that it will deal too little if someone were to blink/dash out of it immediately (before even the initial damage goes off). I worry about the difficulty in creating open faults and how that would change a player’s ability to use their ultimate in a meaningful way at a valuable time. I just feel like the ult could either feel too strong in some settings (getting all 5 enemies in the pool for the full duration) or too weak (everything gets out before anything even happens).

Overall Thoughts

I think the kit is fairly balanceable in this state. I think players would enjoy the complexity of the champion and could definitely develop an attachment to the champion (who doesn’t love health tanks?). I think the biggest problems for most melee champions are solved to an extent due to the minor knockback on Quake and the slowing ability of Fault Line when combined with any other ability. The kit looks good both as single abilities and abilities as a whole working together. It definitely functions differently than a lot of the current champions in the league, with the most similar probably being some cross between Zyra and Shyvana with maybe a touch of the unkillability of Rammus.