Patch 5.7

Overall: Just strengthens Bard’s laning phase, allowing for stronger harass and dueling potential. Makes his roaming a little more rewarding as well.

Overall: Essentially generates a larger risk/reward play style for Blitz, making him better at forcing an engage, but also hurting him if he’s unable to pull it off. I don’t necessarily dislike the idea, but I don’t love damaging Blitz’s movespeed after it ends. It’s not exactly fun for a player and he already has an extremely high risk/reward play style without it because of his grab. I usually support increasing a champion’s identity, but this has already been tried years ago and it was changed because everyone hated the reduced movespeed. Going back on it now seems silly. Keeping the large burst of movespeed, but having it rapidly reduce as it does now is great – just eliminate the slow at the end.
TL;DR: Bad change. Gives him more identity, but makes the champion less enjoyable to play. Was changed from this years ago because it was bad.

Overall: He’s still just an enormous mess. He still gets obliterated by ranged champions and when late game rolls around it simply won’t matter if his ult completely resets and refunds mana. Far too many champions inherently counter what Darius does and even though his damage output is absurd against a squishy target late game, he’s never capable of actually outputting that damage. It’s a neat change that fits his identity, but he’ll never be competitively viable in his current state.
TL;DR: Neat change for the champion and makes him more fun, but won’t alter his viability status.

Overall: Just small power buff for Eve. Makes for better ganks and better jungle clears.

Overall: Pushes Fizz back towards an AP play style as opposed to the on hit play style he’s had for the last few patches. Adds a little more AP ratio to his kit. He’s still gonna be pretty damn good played either way, though.

Overall: Brings his ult cooldown in line with other similar top lane ults.

Overall: Reduces his natural sustain, making him a little less safe in lane. Can’t make as many brain dead stupid plays and get away with them. Just overall a small power nerf for him.

Overall: Reduces the gating mechanism on his ultimate. Essentially allows him to do the stuff he wants to do more often, without having his mana costs completely screwed in return. Probably a good change, shouldn’t make him overly absurd.

Overall: Very similar to a proposed nerf I had for Maokai a few weeks back when I reviewed him. I proposed reducing his sustain, but didn’t love it because it would reduce the importance of it later in the game – scaling it like they chose to do is the exact solution to that proposal.
TL;DR: Good change, fits Maokai perfectly. Keeps his identity intact while still reducing a little lane power.

Overall: Makes it riskier for her to jump into a fight. I’m not sure I’m on board with this because it doesn’t really get her to go into melee range. If she’s squishier, she’s not going to want to jump into a fight. She’ll just continue her obnoxious play style of poke and run away. I would have preferred she maintain her base health, because it still keeps her ready and willing to leap into a fight for the first half of the game. Later in the game – when she should be falling off – would be when her health changes would make the largest impact.
TL;DR: Should have just changed the health scaling, not the base health.

Overall: I just don’t have any comments on her. I can’t play her at all, and I’m not sure why. I should probably just sit down and knock out like 10 games in a row with her, like I did with Kalista, so I can better understand how she works. As far as I can tell, Riot is pushing her more towards tankiness/utility and reducing her damage in turn, similar to previous changes. So at least it’s consistent.
TL;DR: I don’t know enough about her to really comment on her. Should learn to play her.

Overall: Makes Shen more useful in the world of teleports so prevalent nowadays. Might see him a little more in competitive play with this change.

Overall: Fits in with that whole Explosive Charge/Rapid Fire cooldown synergy. Good change, more identity, more fun.