Patch 5.3

Overall: She loses a little lane harass power with the increased mana cost on her Q. She’s also more highly encouraged to get into the fight due to the range changes on her E and Ult. This meshes well with the last patch, which pushed her to focus more on her short term combat mobility. Reducing the range means she must put herself in a more dangerous position to use all of her abilities effectively, with the goal being to allow good Ahris to use their mobility correctly. Generally speaking, the changes focus on increasing Ahri’s decision making about when and how to work in a team fight.
TL;DR – Forces Ahri to be a little more vulnerable now that she has more mobility

Overall: Reduces his overall damage and pushes him more towards a late game champion. His early game is significantly less powerful now. The reduction of his tower damage makes his ability to push down towers a little worse, mostly removing some invisible power. As taking towers isn’t really part of his kit, reducing that part of his power budget doesn’t really hurt his identity in any way. Reducing the range of his soldiers is just a straight nerf. It allows opponents to escape him more effectively, as well as keeps him from harassing as hard in laning phase (in addition to the damage nerfs). All around the changes look to focus him much more on his late game by severely reducing his power in the early game.
TL;DR – Weaker early game because he was too strong early and late.

Overall: Still makes Fiddle the drain tank he is, but allows opponents a little more ability to work around the drain by increasing the ease at which the tether can be broken. It’s no longer just about being able to CC him when he starts draining. I understand the change and why, but I doubt its effectiveness. Champions still only have the choice of run away or die when trying to face a draining Fiddle, and this change doesn’t really allow for increased counter play.
TL;DR – Allow champions to break tether more easily.

Overall: This is more to talk about Kassadin as a champion. After reading through the blurb (as the reduced damage isn’t really worth discussing), I decided to take a stab at a few ideas regarding nerfing Kassadin.
1: Make his ultimate have a longer cool down when it doesn’t hit an enemy (“enemy” includes enemy minions, enemy champions, enemy pets, neutral monsters). This change prioritizes his mobility as an aggressive tool, as opposed to an escape tool. This may place too much of a gate on the champion (as it’s already gated through mana costs) so it might not be the way to go. It’s worth exploring either way.
2: Move his slow from his E to his Ult. Although his Ult is already an incredible ability all in one, pushing the slow from his E onto his Ult makes it, again, more of an engage tool. He can effectively use his ultimate to take people out when engaging, but is incapable of using his slow when trying to run from a fight. It essentially makes him a little easier to catch, but also places an enormous emphasis on his ultimate and extremely little on his E.
3: Apply a 50% slow to him for a few seconds after using his ultimate. This would be an interesting gate, and could even lead to a reduced mana cost. However, players might then ask “why do I get punished for using one of my abilities?”. This is potentially solvable by allowing his other abilities to benefit from how slowly he’s moving, or allow his abilities to reduce the strength of the slow in some way.
4: Make slows twice as effective on him. This is kind of an oddball change, but would be something worth exploring. It does not necessarily hinder his ability to move around a team fight, but, if slowed, essentially means he can only use his ultimate for movement. Now this could be a frustrating thing to deal with as a player, but it would put a strict emphasis on using his ultimate efficiently and in meaningful ways. It would also allow player to chase him down “catching him” if you will, if they can apply slows.
The fourth idea is certainly the most out of the box, but an out of the box solution will likely be necessary to fix Kassadin.
TL;DR – Kassadin is broken, gating his ultimate in other ways might increase counter play abilities for enemies.

Farsight Orb
Overall: Makes it useful beyond just the CV. Essentially allows a position to be checked (and kept checked) until an enemy passes through. That’s pretty powerful, especially earlier in the game, because players won’t have the randomness of guesswork working against them.
TL;DR – Buffed to compete with red and yellow trinket

Greater Stealth Totem
Overall: Allows for more ward placement later in the game. Assists teams attempting to deal with lack of map vision. More effective against opponents that sweep a lot or are based around catching opponents.
TL;DR – MOAR wards