Patch 5.2

Removal of DFG
Burst is usually considered anti-fun because there is little counter play involved in avoiding said burst. Removal of DFG reduces the effectiveness of mages and assassins insta-gibbing squishy characters. Net positive for game health.

Base Stats: Reduces her power slightly early game and reduces her attack speed as the game progress. Net negative. The change hurts her identity slightly by altering (smoothing) her power curve (average early, weak middle, strong late).
Passive: Reduces her range late game. Net negative, hurts her identity as a long range monster late game
W/E: Increased cohesion between her abilities. More or less eliminates her off-build as a mage. Increases depth on her E. Increases early game burst. Alters damage type on her E, arguably a positive. Allows her to wipe out towers more effectively. Net positive. Helps keep her identity as a burst carry early and increases her depth by removing the DoT and pushing Tristana to interact with her harass early. Physical damage provides more clarity as a champion that builds physical damage.
R: Reduces the effectiveness of mage Tristana. Net neutral. Doesn’t allow her to instagib people in her off build, but reduces her effectiveness in her off build. Overall not a huge deal (imo) because the primary thing to watch is her Marksman build.
Overall: Positive. Provides more depth to her E, forcing her to dedicate herself if she wishes to harass. Allows her to go all in just as effectively as before. Most of the negatives are there to keep her power level in check. Generally increases or stays true to her identity (abilities, theme, power curve).

Overall: Ahri’s strength and identity primarily lie in her in combat mobility (in short bursts) and her ability to wipe out a target with focused burst. Removal of E’s focus fire pushes her from a burst character with high reliance on her charm to a more mobile character with better decision making for the player. There is no longer one ‘correct’ way to play her – allows for more flexibility instead of the “land charm then attempt to explode” play style she was forced into. Enhances one of her strengths, but takes away from another. In doing so, however, Ahri has a more positive effect on game health. Overall positive change.

Overall: Straight nerf. Removes some of her ability cohesion. Reduces her ability to engage on a target. The primary reason the latter change went through, imo, was to limit her ability to stick to a target. Reducing the range on her ult means champions should have a better chance of getting away from her once she sets her sights on them. Akali’s strengths are her single target burst, mobility and general snowbally-ness during lane phase and within team fights. Her weaknesses are primarily her inability to escape when caught, squishiness and true sight. Her general issue is lack of counter play – once she goes at a champion, there’s not much left for an opponent to do besides be chased down or be out damaged. Something worth targeting would be the spellvamp on her passive – it’s invisible power not many notice and naturally increases her ability to survive in a fight. Although it is part of what makes her unique (to an extent) her most defining traits are her shadow dashes and stealth. Making her a little less pseudo-tanky would possibly go a long way to reducing her overall power. Overall neutral change. She’s a difficult one to crack and the nerf reduces her power without hurting her identity too badly. She can still jump on people and stick to them pretty well. Other changes could probably be considered.

Overall: Makes her slightly less tanky (not a defining characteristic at all) and makes Tibbers scarier (her defining characteristic). Also slightly increases her depth. 100% positive change.

Overall: Gates her through mana as opposed to some other gate. She should have a slightly harder time in lane because of the increased mana costs, reducing her ability to bully. Shouldn’t hurt her too badly and doesn’t really effect her identity badly. If the goal is to reduce lane pressure, then this change should be fine. Positive change, shouldn’t make too big of an impact outside of laning.

Overall: Messes with damage values a little, pushes Fizz to make better decisions with activation of his W. Ultimate change reinforces the importance of chaining his burst together. As his strengths primarily lie in his ability to move around the battlefield and his extremely high melee range burst, this should push him to focus on that just as well. Overall positive change, tries to reward good play (i.e. landing ult) as opposed to absurd raw damage in his other abilities. Also rewards opponents for successfully avoiding the ultimate.

Overall: Gives her the ability to jungle. Nothing more nothing less. Positive change for giving players increased options.

Overall: Honestly I don’t know much about Rek’sai’s identity. I haven’t played her much and haven’t played very much since she’s been released. The change should put less focus on her ability to fight enemies and more focus on her utility. As I generally see her built pretty tanky, this seems reasonable to me.

Overall: Makes him less good at split pushing (slightly) and makes him rely more on his abilities. Abilities should be plan A, auto attack should be plan B, not plan A1 and A2. Reduces some unnecessary power without hurting his identity.