The League of Legends Football Team

Obviously the best sport in the world is American Football. What’s not to love? Anyway, I’ve been a huge supporter of my home town team, the Kansas City Chiefs, for a long time and because of my love of the team and, extending that, the NFL, I decided to throw together the League of Legends football team. Obviously these are just random ideas and certain positions could be filled in by others, but I thought these worked out fairly well. Anyway have a look and let me know what you think.

QB – Ashe
More of the classic dropback passer, has great accuracy and vision. Great leader.
RB – Yi
Cannot be slowed. Cannot be slowed. Cannot be slowed.
FB – Braum
Who wouldn’t want Braum as a run blocker? Just imagine trying to tackle a Yi with a Braum in your way. Not to mention he would just bulldoze through people on short yardage situations.
Center – Zac
The leader of the offensive line, always positive. Bends but doesn’t break.
OG – Galio, Nautilus
Couple of big guys for the offensive line with decent ability to stop anyone from getting through. Even those that can get through can still get dragged away.
OT – Alistar, Leona
Damn near impossible to get past either of these two. Ultimate lockdown/peeling.
TE – Shyvana
Just has the size and strength of a powerhouse tight end. Not bad at forging a path as a run blocker, ok as a pass protector, and solid overall ability to pass catch and take people out. Just seemed to fit, in my mind at least.
WR – GP, Riven
GP, impossible to lockdown. Riven, great at separation and route running.

DT – Cho, Renekton
Maybe it’s just me, but having to block a full stack Cho and a Dominus Renekton sounds like a pretty shitty job.
DE – Malphite, Volibear
Strong enough with enough mobility to work their way past the offensive line and wreak havoc in the backfield.
MLB – Udyr
Can do anything. Fast enough to be anywhere. Powerhouse tackling. Great at coverage or run support.
OLB – Olaf, Vi
Extremely versatile. Capable of covering or rushing. Have the abilities to get through a line on a blitz. Almost impossible to get away from an Olaf or Vi once they’re on you.
CB – Yasuo, Thresh
Yasou has the speed and quickness to keep up with any receiver. The god of pass defense, bats down anything thrown his way. Thresh is the true lockdown corner. Nothing runs from him.
SS – Rengar
Our enforcer. Comes out of nowhere to drop you instantly, great at penetration on a run plays or taking out
FS – Elise
Great for holding down the backside of the field, great closing speed, solid vision and superb tackling.