Week 6: Rumble

Rumble is the giant mech that rampages around flamethrowering people and shooting harpoons. He’s primarily played in top lane, as he can lane fairly well against most bruisers and top lane mages. He has incredible zone control in a team fight due to his ultimate. I don’t believe there is anything inherently broken about Rumble, but I do think he brings a lot of power to a composition without having any real windows to retaliate.

Rumble’s identity is the mech. He sits in his robot suit running around hitting people with a flamethrower and shooting harpoons. These are core to his kit, and there’s no real reason to alter any of it.

His strengths lie in his ability to harass down opponents in lane due to his pseudo ranged-like kit (he has a similar play style to a ranged champion, despite being melee), his lack of mana costs and his ultimate’s power in team fights. He’s also fairly good at catching opponents/chasing them down. His weaknesses are the need to push the lane to harass with flamethrower, the lack of a instantaneous gap separator and the ability to silence himself at inopportune times.

Proposed changes:
1) Increase the cost of his flamethrower to 30 heat (or increase the heat cost of each ability by 5), but also reduce the delay before the heat begins to dissipate. Essentially what this does is force the Rumble player to become much more acutely aware of the heat costs. As it stands, it’s generally pretty easy to keep Rumble in the danger zone, and changing this would likely force the occasional self-silence a little more often, opening up more windows of opportunity for opponents. This change does make me a little nervous because he could easily swing from relatively balanced to absurdly good/bad if his resource costs are played with too much. Players might easily find it frustrating to not be able to drop all of their abilities without nearly overheating every time. Overall, though, I like that it opens up a little more counter play.

2) Reduce the damage from his flamethrower by 10 at each level. Just a straight power nerf, although I’m not a huge fan of this. I generally like to open up more options for counter play (which is pretty prevalent throughout these proposed changes), but sometimes it’s just best to straight up reduce a champion’s power with damage nerfs. Essentially it would reduce the damage dealt throughout the laning phase without severely damaging his late game (where I feel he should be best due to his ultimate and its zoning power).