Week 5: Morgana

Morgana is League’s heavy CC anti-CC mage/support. She can play in every lane (her worst lane is top, although it’s solely an issue of vulnerability to ganks) without too much difficulty. She also brings an absurdly long bind that makes it easy to catch out opponents. These are the primary reasons for her bans/popularity in competitive plays – she’s a great flex pick and brings an enormous amount of utility and catch-ability (and anti catch-ability).

Morg’s play style is based around landing a snare then following it up with tormented soil. In addition, she can pull out her ultimate to bring a lot of team fighting power by slowing and stunning multiple people. This leads to her primary identity – a CC mage. Her secondary identity is that of anti-CC, due to her black shield. These should be the primary reasons you want to add her to a team composition.

Her strengths are her flexibility, her cc and her black shield. Her weaknesses are the need to go into melee range to activate her ultimate and that most of her damage is tied into landing her snare because not only does the snare provide pretty good damage, tormented soil is then piled on as well. She can occasionally run into issues laning against physical damage heavy champions in lane, and since her shield is weaker early it’s not out of the question that it can be popped, making her extremely vulnerable because she has no escape.

A few proposals:
1) Reduce the duration of her bind. It’s the single longest full movement prevention ability in the game, outside of Ashe’s ECA. A while back Rammus’s taunt and Fiddle’s fear (which in conjunction with Morgana’s snare signaled the trinity of 3 second crowd control abilities) were nerfed. Morgana never got hit primarily because one, she wasn’t dominating the jungle due to the long duration cc and two, her ability was a skill shot as opposed to a targeted cc. It’s time to hit the duration because it’s simply too long for her to have a healthy interaction with the rest of the game. Three full seconds of being unable to move (nothing can save you except QSS, oranges, Crucible, Cleanse and a few other select abilities) is utterly detrimental. There is next to no counter play involved in it (other than just dodge it) – Morg just sits there and throws out snares under a turret or while skirmishing by a dragon or whatever and the player is forced to dodge every single one thrown their way. Reducing it is simply for the health of the game.

2) Increase the CD of her bind. It’s still just as strong, but she gets to throw it less often. Her play pattern is no different, but the danger for an opponent being caught by a snare is reduced.

Note – She loses a lot for both of these changes (particularly the first), so I think it would be useful to increase the damage dealt by her tormented soil slightly in compensation. This focuses on her play style and gives her a little more power in compensation for the reduction in her bind’s power.