Expand Warframe Game Modes

For a couple months now I’ve been playing a game called Warframe. The general premise is the player is a space ninja that runs around doing space ninja stuff, and I’ve really enjoyed it. However, it’s run into a major problem at this point, which is the repetitiveness of the game modes. Basically once you get to a high enough level in the game (super maxed out hardcore weapons and frames and mods etc.) you just sort of steamroll absolutely everything. The only things that are even remotely a threat are 50-60 minute rounds of survival or 40-50 waves of defense. I didn’t mind spending an hour doing either – it was fun – but expanding the roster would have been amazing. I think one of the best changes they could ever make to the game would have been an extension of all of the potential game modes. The normal modes include: assassination, capture, deception, defense, exterminate, hijack, interception, mobile defense, rescue, sabotage, spy, survival – so many options to play, but only two that are an actual challenge after a certain point. I think implementing a way to lengthen the modes would have been incredible. For instance, every time a target is successfully assassinated or an enemy force is completely wiped out, the LOTUS would contact the player (like in defense) and would offer them extraction or the choice to assassinate a new target or wipe out a set of reinforcements. This makes the game appear longer, allows the player to get into many, many different game modes and doesn’t really make the developers go through too much work because they already have the game mode in existence – they simply need to add in a transition and buff up the enemies after each round.

Along with giving the player the freedom to play any of the many other different amazing modes, it would also free up frames to be played in other mission types. For instance, Frost is pretty much the god of defense. Players are required to have a Frost in high level defense games, and, since defense is one of the only two ‘late game’ modes out there, Frost is pretty much a core frame to have. Frames that suck at the two modes – like Ash, who is terrible at defense and only passable at survival – could become much more powerful in a game mode like high level exterminate, where Ash would have quite a bit of survival ability and damage output through his ability Bladestorm. I think extending other game modes basically allows for greater diversity in frame picks, more or less, which is also amazing. I love playing many different types of things in games (I don’t play the same champion twice in League, I play a different class every time I play Skyrim or Demon’s Souls), so getting a chance to expand the available roster of frames so I can play things like Zephyr or Ash (two of my favorites) in a mode where they are powerful would be amazing.

I know it would be a lot to ask. I think DE has done a great job with the game. It would be really nice to be able to take a break from survival and defense every single game, though, so if I made one major change to the game is would be this.