Top 5 Movies

School of Rock: I dunno how most people feel about this movie, but it played an enormous part in my life. Before I watched this movie I hardly ever listened to music. After watching it, I began experimenting with classic rock and found I actually really enjoyed it. From there, I bought rock band and began playing that, where I began solely focusing on the drum set. Because I enjoyed the drums so much, I ended up learning to play an actual drum kit and I ended up writing about my experience learning to drum as my personal statement for my college essay. So, by way of music, I’d argue that watching School of Rock got me into Pomona college. Not half bad, right? Anyway there’s never a point in time where I can watch this movie and not smile. No matter how sad or upset I might be, this movie always gets a smile out of me. At this point I’ve watched it so many times I can practically recite every line as I watch the movie before the actors do. I love this movie.

Requiem for a Dream: I watched this my freshmen year of college. The point of the movie (addiction is bad) was not lost on me, but I think what I really liked about the movie was the directing style and the soundtrack. The soundtrack is superb and probably one of the most well known soundtracks out there. The style was just… different, and I really liked it. The story wasn’t half bad either, although it was extraordinarily sad. Overall just an extremely well done movie everyone should watch.

V for Vendetta: All around just a phenomenal movie. Vigilantes usually make for pretty interesting characters, and V was great in that regard. There was a lot of depth to the character and the twists in the plot line made for a movie from which it is impossible to turn away. The acting is pretty good, but I think the story is really what made me fall in love with the movie. I love the concept of poetic justice and vigilante movies tend to provide that fairly well. Anyway, remember to watch this on the 5th of November.

The Dark Knight: Well I did just say I love vigilante movies and poetic justice. This appeals to me for the same reasons, but I also just have an absurd love for Batman and his ideals and the Joker and his insanity. The thing with Batman is he has no super powers, unlike many of the other superheroes in the DC universe, making him already more bad ass. He constantly beats others by being smarter or more clever and that’s amazing. On top of that, he values and respects the lives of other to a greater degree than any other superhero, or at least it feels like that when I read/watch stuff with Batman. It’s why he says he only has one rule (not killing people). When he grew too old to be Batman, his health caused him to stumble, and the only way he could protect himself was to point a gun at the bad guy and legitimately threaten his life. He didn’t kill him, but he stopped being Batman after that, partially because he was too old, but partially because of the shame he felt at threatening and disrespecting another’s life. Anyway I love Batman, and this was a phenomenal movie that really showcased how amazing Batman really is.

Runaway Jury: This was first a book by John Grisham about the dangers of cigarettes (more or less), but was altered slightly to be about guns and gun control in the movie. I feel like no matter what I say I’ll end up giving away spoilers, so let me just say the story is great and the movie will keep you entertained the whole way through.