Warhawk: Turn-Based Strategy

**Much of the content in this game is credited to the designers of Warhawk. Images and such were not done by me. Please don’t sue me (but seriously if it is a problem I’m more than willing to take it down).

If my disclaimer wasn’t obvious enough, I pulled a chunk of this from the actual game of Warhawk. The concept of the game, instead of being a shooter, was to take the aspects of the game (namely the battles between the three separate types of vehicles: infantry, ground vehicles and Warhawks) and turn it into a turn-based strategy game. Each player is given a choice of a vehicle then a weapon for said vehicle and, once each player has selected their target of choice, damage is dealt. This is largely dependent upon the way damage was dealt in the game. For instance, a tank would take no damage from a sniper rifle and, therefore, if one player choose infantry-sniper vs a tank, they would deal no damage to the tank that turn. Each vehicle has its own strengths and weaknesses and each item in the arsenal is usually fairly effective when used in the right situation.

Anyway, this game was horribly designed. It was the first ever legitimate standalone creation I made in gaming and, honestly, nothing felt right. I could go into pretty lengthy detail about it, but I’ll save you from that and simply provide a document about some of the more major problems about which I wrote after I created the game. You can find that document here.

Now if that hasn’t deterred you from wanting to actually download it, feel free to grab it here. Simply unzip the file and run WarhawkTBS.exe. If you need any help just let me know.