More Programming

Well it’s been about two weeks since my last update. I’ve been working on getting a new job as well as helping out my mom (she broke her ankle), so I’ve been kind of busy with all of that. With my free time I’ve created a list of the work I still need to do for my battle system and been working on the first few steps. The first thing I worked on was setting up the targeting system, so the player can correctly select the enemy or ally they wish to attack or support. This wasn’t so bad – basically it just creates a little blue box around the target you want, then records that target if you select it. This means I had then recorded the correct move and target for the party. Now that I had that information I could move on to the enemies. The first step was setting up moves for the enemies, for which I created a new function, but I quickly realized I had no idea how I wanted to design each of the different enemies. I thought about it for a little while, then finally decided I wanted to create a class for each enemy, based on the four classes I have (assassin, mage, tank, support) for the party. Each class would have access to five different abilities they would gain as their level increased (a level 4 mage only has one ability, a level 32 mage has 4) and they would randomly choose one. Each ability set was pretty specific to the class and, in some cases, related to the party abilities. After I had decided on the moves I wanted, I then wrote the function to randomly generate a move, then had those saved.

My next major step is going to be working with the focus areas. I think I want to play with them a little (since my last post about focus areas and abilities, I’ve changed speed on Lela to dodge and disable resistance on Thorman to invisibility). I’m also considering adding in one focus area for each class of enemies. For instance, the assassin gets critical strikes or the tank gets increased health/resistances. Once I have all of the areas set, I can start the actual process of putting together the battle. The first step will be determining move priorities and when each character will move, so that will be the next step after the areas of focus. I’ll try to get another update soon.