I’ve Returned!

So I’ve been pretty busy the last month or so with a lot of stuff (work, moving, women, etc.). Anyway, I have been putting some work into programming up my game for now and I’m pretty content with the way my battle system is shaping up at the moment. I’ve got the initial set up just about perfect (displays everything I want to display) and my next major step is going to be the targeting system (when a character selects either an enemy to attack or an ally on which to use a spell). After I get that functioning correctly so people can actually make moves, I’m going to work on making the actual battle system work, in that I can essentially run battles for eternity, and they should work the way I want them to work. The last couple things will probably take a while (not the best programmer ever =() but I have no doubts I can get it to work. I’ll get another update soon with screenshots and stuff!