Ok, so I wanted to do an update post about one and a half weeks ago. But I didn’t, cause I was feeling kind of lazy and was pretty much spending most of my time actually working on my game, instead of writing about me working on my game (I know, wicked smart idea there, huh?). Anyway, I guess I’ve actually knocked out a shit ton of the stuff I needed to do and I’m super excited about all of it. I guess my last update left me placing the NPC’s in my first village. Since then, I’ve placed NPC’s at every point on the map, made it possible to talk to each and every one, implemented my first cut scene with Wilson, one of the major characters in the first village (includes a long discussion and animation!!!! I’m such an awesome programmer). Anyway, after I had that first cut scene knocked out, I turned back to my menu and essentially fixed it all up so it wasn’t worthless crap. A player can now easily navigate throughout the menu, selecting various options and gaining more info. I still want to implement details on what abilities do and what different stats do, but I haven’t quite got there yet. The big thing I’ve done is I’ve put together the equipment stuff, where a player can now successfully equip and un-equip weapons without the game imploding. This also means I’m only a couple steps from successfully using consumable items, like health potions and stuff.

So that all took a while and I’m pretty happy because it knocks out the hard part (actually figuring out how to do the stuff) and now I’m just left with doing tons of the same stuff over and over. Basically, I was the experimental physicist dude who spent his time figuring out how to create (useful) fusion, then I told a bunch of companies and they started mass producing everything from that. That’s the point where I’m currently working. Hopefully, this means I can knock out a bunch of stuff over the next few weeks. The cutscenes are kind of specialized so each one has its own unique animation and stuff, but the general stuff (like talking) is simplicity itself. I guess once I have all of that knocked out, I should have an enormous portion of the game fully completed. I’ll have to work on designing bosses, which I’m not completely sure how to implement programming-wise (although I have some good guesses about where I should go). Once the bosses are done and everything, there’s not too much else to do. Mostly just extra bonus stuff that’s not super important. I will have to do the experience system at some point, cause that’s pretty integral. I’ll also have to work on “spawn zones” for enemies, because I don’t want super powerful enemies running around in some parts and super weak enemies running around in others. I’ve considered making it so the enemies that spawn are always based on the party members’ average level, but that would mean I would have to eliminate certain paths to keep players from trying to skip parts of the game before they’re supposed to (although I’m kind of already to that point, a little, just based on the design). We’ll see where I go with that as well. I also am going to have to debug the crap out of my battle system, but if I can knock that out that’ll cover pretty much everything, I think.

So, anyway, pretty happy. I liked where I’ve gotten at this point. Until next time!