Character Leveling and Abilities

Well I haven’t updated this in a little while because I’ve been busy trying to find jobs and doing my actual job. However I found some time to expand my previous work a little more, and I’ve settled on a basic outline for each character.

Main Character
Name – Cez
Role – Physical Damage Dealer
Areas of Focus – Attack Strength, Critical Strikes, Penetration
Lightning Slash (Level 1) – Deals x% reduced damage but has increased move priority.
Double Slash (Level 10) – Meditates for one turn then attacks twice on the next.
Flurry Slash (Level 20) – Attacks one target for full damage and all other targets for x% damage. Cannot critically strike.
Life Slash (Level 30) – Deals x% reduced damage but regains x% of the damage dealt as health.
Stunning Slash (Level 40) – Deals increased damage while the target is under some form of stun. If stunned, has an x% chance of stunning the character for the following turn. Deals reduced damage against targets that are not stunned.
Parry (Level 50) – If attacked, redirects x% of the damage back at target. Deals increased damage based on critical chance. Increases all enemy targeting priority.

Second Character
Name – Lela
Role – Magical Damage Dealer
Areas of Focus – Ability Strength, Penetration, Speed
Beam of Light (Level 1) – Fires a beam of light at a single target. Has a small chance to blind, which will negate physical damage attacks.
Light Wave (Level 10) – Fires a wave of light at all targets. Has a small chance to blind.
Light Zone (Level 20) – Creates a zone of burning light that deals damage over a few turns. Cannot stack.
Flash (Level 30) – Dazes an opponent, forcing them to no longer use abilities for a few turns.
Mirror (Level 40) – Targets an ally. If the ally is attacked with an ability while mirror is active, reflects x% of damage at caster and reduces ally damage taken to x%. Increases all enemy targeting priority.
Light Storm (Level 50) – The most powerful damaging ability, deals damage to all enemies and double the value against a single target.

Third Character
Name – Toma
Role – Tank
Areas of Focus – Ability Efficiency, Health, Resistance
Taunt (Level 1) – Target enemy has increased enemy targeting priority. Reduces damage dealt by target by x%. Increased move priority.
Wall of Light (Level 10) – Increases ally resistance by x% for 5 turns.
Slow (Level 20) – Target has decreased move priority. x% chance of landing. Deals x% damage, increased by resistance efficiency.
Light Spikes (Level 30) – Creates a wall of spikes around Toma. Reflects damage dealt by physical attacks back at enemy at x% efficiency. Lasts duration of fight.
Shield Bash (Level 40) – Has a x% chance of stunning target, which causes opponent to lose turn. Deals x% damage, increased by resistance efficiency. Increased move priority.
Indestructible (Level 50) – Takes no damage from all physical attacks for x turns.

Fourth Character
Name – Thorman
Role – Support
Areas of Focus – Ability Duration, Regeneration, Disable Resistance
Heal (Level 1) – Target ally is healed x amount over x turns.
Blessing (Level 10) – Increases target ally’s damage by x% for x turns.
Accelerate (Level 20) – Increase party’s speed by x% for x turns.
Disable Protection (Level 30) – Prevents target ally from being hit with disables for x turns.
Targeting Protection (Level 40) – Prevents enemies from targeting target ally with target attacks for x turns.
Revive (Level 50) – Brings target ally back to life after channeling for x turns. Decreased move priority.

Each character has areas of focus where they will be able to place a total of 15 points (5 per area). They can do this every 2nd, 5th and 8th ‘slot’ of leveling. Basically at levels 2, 5, 8, 12, 15, 18, etc. up to level 48, where every spot should be maxed. There is a larger gap between the 8’s and the 2’s, but abilities are gained at every 10th level, so that means something should be gained every 2-3 levels for each character.

So that’s what I have for now. This is a pretty rough outline, but I like what each of the characters have in their kits and everything. I’m not sure what I’m going to work on next, but my guess is either maps (should be about 5 of these) or base statistics (damage, resistance, health, speed, experience, ability values, etc.). After those I think I’ll work on designing basic enemies and bosses, which should be fun as well. Feel free to let me know what you think so far!