As I attempted to design the maps for each level I realized I didn’t really know how I wanted to layout the areas. Because of this, I decided it would be best to take what I know about the lore and what I know about my general intro to try to expand the story out a little more and more accurately define the events on each level. So here is a list of the event list for each level. As an aside, I couldn’t decide where I wanted to go with the end of the last level, or if I wanted to expand beyond that to incorporate more of the lore. Take this list will a little skepticism on the finality of the events.

-Cez and girlfriend talk
-Ambushed by shadows
-Cez chases down shadows
-Follows them through portal to new world

Cave Level:
-Cez arrives through portal into cave
-Cez meets Lela, who saves him from an attack
-They travel together to Lela’s village to try to find Cez’s girlfriend
-Talk to village council
-Defeat two bosses at the northern and southern ends of the cave
-Defeat the much harder boss at the far eastern side of the cave
-Receive key to gate barring cave entrance from village council, leaves cave

Woods Level:
-Cez and Lela arrive in the woods
-After traveling for a bit they run into a boss outside a village
-Together they defeat village and meet Toma
-Toma thanks them for rescuing her village and agrees to join them
-They travel to the gate barring the lake
-They find themselves unable to pass as some invisible force prevents them from passing
-Toma speaks of a legend about the lake guardian
-Party travels to the southwestern and northeastern areas of the woods, traveling through ruins in each area to find and defeat two bosses
-Receive some item that allows them to fight the lake guardian
-Return to the lake guardian and reveal him
-Defeat lake guardian and lave woods

Lake Level:
-Arrive on lake level and begin trekking to castle gates
-Run into boss along the way, boss ambushes and defeats party easily
-Thorman arrives, healing the party and allowing them to defeat the boss
-Joins them as they move to the gate (northeastern side of the map)
-Arrive at gate and defeat gate guardian
-Unable to get into gate regardless
-Thorman suggests exploring some of the nearby ruins for information
-Explore the ruins until the party reaches the end, where they find the old light King’s war tent
-Defeat a boss lurking in the area
-Explore the tent, finding a back entrance into the castle
-Travel to the southeastern corner of the map
-Defeat boss guarding back entrance
-Leave the lake

Dungeon Level:
-Follow path until reaching castle dungeon
-Dungeon is one giant labyrinth
-Explore dungeon maze, fighting dungeon guardians hidden in the maze
-Dungeon guardians drop keys, allowing player to explore deeper into the maze
-Midway through dungeon encounter a light army general, who has lost his mind after being trapped in the dungeon for so long
-Continue through dungeon
-Once the party makes it through the dungeon and reaches the dungeon entrance, they fight the Shadow Lt.
-Defeat Lt. and move into main castle

-Explore the castle and find the entrance hall to the throne room
-Throne room is locked, so party begins exploring side towers
-Climbs the four towers and defeats boss at the top of each
-Retrieves 1/4 of the key from each boss
-Once all bosses have been defeated, move back to entrance hall
-Fight group of all four bosses at once, although weaker this time
-Defeat group, move into throne room

This is how far I’ve gone with the plot. I’m not completely sure how I want to end the game and how closely I want to tie it to the lore. There’s my update for the past few days though, let me know what you think.