Well I realized I didn’t really have a reason, outside of “shadows guys are bad” for Cez’s girlfriend to be kidnapped. Once I realized that, I started creating a world in my mind and started writing a bit about it and really digging into the story. This sort of evolved after working on the dialogue for the characters a bit, as I realized there was no back story for the game and I should probably come up with one. The basic lore is this:

Thousands of years ago, this world used to be split half in light and half in dark. The sun beat down on one side of the planet, while the other was covered in darkness. On each side evolved two different people, the people of light and the people of darkness. Each gained their own abilities, strengthened by their own element. However, each group found it advantageous to work together, meeting in the twilight between their two worlds, a twilight that dulled their powers. Eventually, scientists and magicians from both sides found a way to merge the sides, and, after debating the advantages of such an act, doused the entire world in twilight. Each side maintained their powers, but in a far weaker form. However, the two sides could now live in harmony – and so they did – slowly forgetting about the existence of the temple of twilight, the house of the keyaro-scoro.

This peace would not last forever, though, as the people of light came to believe they were superior to the people of darkness. The king of light pushed his people forward and, soon, the two sides were at all out war. The king of darkness fought back, only to defend his land and his people, and, eventually, both kings realized the stalemate could not be broken. This did not sit well with the king of light, however, and so he devised a plan to find victory. He knew there was no way he could ever reach the king of darkness, but he realized the king must only be incapacitated, not killed. The king of light hired an assassin, not to kill the king of darkness, but to kill the king of darkness’s wife and daughter, believing the tragedy would allow him to win the war. The assassin was able to complete his task. He was vicious, torturing the poor women before murdering them, just as the king of light had instructed.

The king of darkness broke; nothing could console him. He slowly began losing the war, unable to guide his troops, losing both his kingdom and his mind with each loss. As he fell further into madness, he began searching for anything that would allow him to destroy his opponent. It was by chance that he found a book detailing the temple of twilight and, that very night as the king of light began to siege the king of darkness’s castle, the king of darkness sent a small force to the temple. The force arrived, killing the temple guardians, and located the keyaro-scoro. At the king of darkness’s orders, the group destroyed the light side of the keyaro-scoro, immediately covering the world in darkness.

As darkness spread across the sky, the army of light fell into disarray and the king of darkness and his followers transformed into their forms of darkness, able to do so with the world covered in darkness. The army of darkness massacred the army of light and quickly took control of the world. Despite the king of darkness’s initial intentions, he had lost his mind from grief and, now, wanted nothing more than to destroy the kingdom of light. The years dragged on and the people of darkness overran the world, forcing the people of light into small pockets of land, attacking any that they found. The king of light was able to defend his castle, protecting some of his people, but leaving many more to the atrocities of the new, self-proclaimed Lords of Shadows.

The war still rages on today. The Shadow Lord passed away, as did the reasons for his descent into madness, but the hatred he developed has transferred to his subjects. They are taught to hate the people of light, although no one knows why anymore, and often attack and raid the small pockets of light still alive within the world. The people of light believe the people of darkness to be evil, forgetting the atrocities they committed during the war, leaving a bitter hate against everything dark. Every new Shadow Lord has attempted to break into the castle of light, the last true bastion resisting the rule of darkness, but it is not until they discover Cez’s girlfriend, a great scientist, that they are able to finally devise a way to infiltrate the castle of light.

So that’s my lore. I like it, doesn’t seem to have too many plot holes (I think), so, for now, I’m gonna roll with that. Let me know what you think!