Expanded Character Design

I expanded the concept I talked about in the previous update. Right now I have a small kit designed for each character, based on a maximum level of 50. Each character will have one “base” ability they learn at level 1, and 5 more they learn at each level 10, 20, etc. up to 50. This gives each character 6 abilities they can use in a variety of ways to accomplish their goals. I didn’t want to go too far beyond that because I don’t want to over-saturate a player’s ability pool. I hate when I play games and some abilities sit there, pointlessly, for the whole because something just utterly outclasses it. For instance in one of my favorite games, Dragon Quest, I would have so many abilities that I would either forget some existed or never used some because they were completely outclassed. Even now I’m thinking about the ability ‘Oomph’ which could be cast on a single ally and doubled the damage output of that ally for several turns. I almost never used it, not because it was bad or useless, I just would never remember it existed because I would focus on so many other abilities. Another bad case was ‘Falcon Slash’ which allowed the character to attack twice with slightly reduced damage per swing, but quite a bit more total damage. Despite the fact Falcon Slash couldn’t crit it was almost always the better option. I don’t think abilities should outshine the good old fashioned basic attack as far as damage goes; they should have uses beyond just straight damage. For instance, one ability I added to the kit was a double slash, where the character would wait one turn, then attack twice on the next. The damage isn’t better, but it consolidates the damage into one move which could possibly be better (for instance if the character gets buffed that turn) or worse (if the enemy uses an ability that negates all damage that turn or something). The point is that the player should get to make meaningful decisions as they go into a fight, instead of simply spamming one move the entire time because that’s boring. Puzzles are fun.

Ok I think I got a little off track, but that’s the basic update for now. Once I “finalize” the abilities I’ll leave a copy of those and the descriptions in an update (finalize is in quotes because I’m sure I’ll have about a billion changes before I like what I have, even as I make and test the game). That’s what I’ve got for now. Side note – I need a catch phrase when I leave. Like Ron Burgundy and his “You Stay Classy San Diego”. I’ll figure something out.