Menus, Equipment, Character Interaction

Well I’ve been pretty busy over the last few weeks with work (bunch of tests going on for the people I tutor), as well as dealing with some job interviews and job applications. I haven’t got quite as much done as I wanted, but I like what I have completed, and I’ve set myself up to really fill out a bunch of work quickly.

One of the big things I was focusing on this update was creating the game menu. I wanted to give the player the ability to manage equipment and items, while also being able to look into the current status of the party (stats and health and the like) as well as the varying abilities (and maybe some short descriptions of each). Lastly I wanted the player to be able to save their game and quit the game. The former involves storing all of the current status values so when a game is loaded it can figure out where it’s supposed to be. The latter just sends the player back to the starting screen, where they can either start a new game or load a saved game.

Most of the menu work was involved in laying ground work. I spent some time designing what I wanted the menu to look like, then set about setting the way to get to the menu and interact with the menu. Pressing enter opens the menu, then the player can click on any of the options (player stats, player abilities, items, save, exit) to open up a new menu (for the first three) or save/exit. The player stats display the current level, current health, maximum health, current attack damage, current resistance and current speed for each of the characters in the party. The player abilities display the current abilities each member of the party has, but I’m also thinking about adding in basic descriptions so players know what the party members do. The items tab lets the player look at their current inventory and make decisions. I haven’t completely worked out equipping new items, but the ability to select equipment has been implemented. Players can also select consumable items like potions, but I haven’t implemented how the player chooses which member of the party is targeted by the chosen consumable. We’ll figure soon.

I also finally set up the equipment so the game recognizes when a player has equipment and adds the stats provided by that equipment to the fight. There’s still a little work to do with passive bonuses like deal 10% of enemy target’s health on basic attacks, but I know where and how to implement that stuff so I shouldn’t have too many problems putting it together – the bigger issue is that I need to design each of the weapons and armours for the party members. Once I get that finished I can worry more about actually implementing the different stats on the weapons/armour.

The last thing I did was set up the directional coordinates for the character. I need to be able to have characters interact with each other, and to do that I needed to make sure the character was facing the direction of the person to whom they were attempting to talk to. I have that all set up now which was pretty straightforward – basically just setting the direction when the character tried to move in a direction. If, for instance, they wanted to move to the right they would first have to turn and face right. It’s a pretty obvious sort of thing so I’m not too worried about it.

So that’s most of what I’ve finished up over the past 3-ish weeks. I wanted to get a little more done, but, like I said, I’ve been kind of busy. Anyway, my next big steps are probably going to have to be continuing to write more of the script for the characters (got about half of that finished at this point), designing all of the weapons and armour (this should be pretty fun) and making it so characters can talk to NPC’s. Thanks for reading!