Shadow Quest

All right, here it is. One year (about) and I’ve finally made my way through (pretty much) the entire game. The only major items I have left are graphics (because my artistic ability is essentially nil) and sound (same as my artistic skill). Anyway, without further ado, here it is.

Click here to download the game. Running it is simply a matter of unzipping the folder, finding the file “Shadow Quest.exe” and opening it.

>> New version, 1.1
Shadow Quest 1.1
>> New version, 1.2
Shadow Quest 1.2

I suppose it’s time to give a little backstory about the game. The game is an adventure/rpg/questing game, where the player has to rescue the damsel in distress from the evil Shadow Lord. Throughout the game, the player meets up with characters that join his party, explores 7 different areas (Mountain, Cave, Forest, Lake, Dungeon, Castle, Temple), learns more about the atrocities of the Shadow War and learns about love and the price a person is willing to pay for it. Overall, it’s a pretty neat game. I think it’s a little slow in the beginning (something I might alter a little in the next few weeks), but picks up pretty quickly by around the third level. I think I’ve provided a pretty compelling story, with relatively deep characters and philosophical explorations into love, fear and anger. I think the game is easy enough to pick up, and provides a lot of the basic necessities to make a game fun. I think the characters are interesting (although I want to expand them a little more, if I can) and are people that others can relate to on an emotional level.

The over-arching theme is how love affects us. I tried my best to explore love from many different perspectives and, more specifically, how loss of loved ones completely changes our lives. Each major character throughout the game has lost something in some way, and each is trying to grasp a way to deal with that pain, each doing it in different ways. Some, like Lela, allow her anger to fester deep inside herself. Others, like Toma, develop an iron will to protect those around her. The story explores these different reactions and gives players a chance to view loss through a different lens.

Anyway, I really like the story and the undertones present throughout it. Feel free to try it, and I hope you have fun playing it!