Pug Life

My fiancee loves pugs. I love my fiancee. When we moved from LA to New Brunswick, we adopted a tiny 2 month old pug named Peach. She constantly had accidents, chewed on anything she could get her mouth on (loved to bite me), climbed on both of us whenever she could, even when busy with work, and generally was a tiny terrorist. Of course, she was also wildly adorable and incredibly sweet, and had an enormous number of goofy mannerisms. From that, I decided to create a card game for my fiancee for Christmas based on our life with Peach, and that was the beginning of Pug Life.

The game is absolutely still a work in progress, but I’ve been going through a ton of iteration and (hopefully) making the game more enjoyable. Instead of creating a number of pages here on my website, I’m simply going to provide a link to a few different things.

One: Pug Life Rules
Two: Card Set, so you can print this out and play if you so choose.
Three: My behind the scenes work, recording and analyzing feedback, then making targeted changes to the game.

As always, feel free to give it a try. Also feel free to reach out with any feedback (or leave a comment in the google doc), as I’d immensely appreciate any insight.

Major update: We’re looking at officially releasing this game, and so we’ve created a new website for our business, Cezium Games. Check it out at: ceziumgames.com