(3) Physics, initial grapple, spawning enemies, firing lasers and walking on walls

Well, have run through a lot of stuff since I finished up the stuff in my last post. I’ll touch on each of them here.

1) Added real physics to my game with gravity. I touched on this a little in my last post, but I’m so glad I majored in Astrophysics. That base line knowledge of physics allowed me to put together what was functionally real gravity for my game. Grabbing my kinematic equations, I was able to work my way through the values I would expect to have for each step of gravity, factoring in the downward acceleration. This allowed me to add what I thought was pretty cool functionality to my game, even if no one would really know lol. I like this addition because I think it gives a better feel to the game for players.

2) I added my initial grapple to the game, which is basically an instantaneous missile that pulls the cyborg to whatever position was clicked – next big steps for this are going to be making an actual missile that stops of first object hit, then pulls the cyborg to that location. No more grappling to the air lol.

3) Spawning enemies was relatively straightforward – the enemies are created and run towards the exit. If they get there, the cyborg loses. I need to make them obey the laws of gravity. Future iteration might involve different enemy types, which I think I left relatively easy to code in.

4) Our cyborg can now fire off lasers that damage enemies (one shot one kill!). I’m curious about the model I want to take here, as I don’t want the player to be able to just fire off lasers and kill all enemies. I’ve considered long reload times and a revolver type model, but we’ll have to see as we play.

5) The cyborg can now grab onto walls, ceiling and platforms. Wanted to give the cyborg a little bit of spiderman feel, and I think this also provides some good mobility and strategic value to defending the base. Will be curious how this will be used in the game – thought is use cases are mostly about placing traps and avoiding enemies. Could potentially add directionality to the gun shots (just fires the direction the cyborg is facing – may want that limiting factor though).