(1) First Steps: Outlining my game

So, of course, I had one place to start with my game – the image I talked about on the Cyborg Defense front page. I wanted to keep the levels small-ish, and I wanted the player to feel empowered and quick, while also creating methods for the player to use strategically cool and powerful abilities to achieve success. Given that, I started theorycrafting cool abilities my cyborg could use to take out enemies; big ones that came up were the sonic cannon, a grapple hook, mines, laser walls, remote detonated C4, as well as a super punch and kick. All of those abilities felt like they pointed towards a more defensive game than offensive – it’s hard to lay traps when you don’t have an enemy engaging towards you – and quick, rapid thinking and heavy mobility become more valuable skills when enemies are charging at your base.

And that was how I formed my outline. I want to make a game where a cyborg would travel between different areas rapidly to shut down attacks from enemies. This would require some semblance of planning (where to place traps, where to fire shots, where to position to take down enemies safely) and would give the player some sense of urgency, so they couldn’t just plan out an attack then engage. I want to value in the moment thinking over having a set plan immediately (with that said, I may have to have some elements of planned out strategy to really get the game rolling and get the feel right. We’ll see where this goes).

That’s how I began my process of creating my game.