Cyborg Defense

Well, here we go again. I’ve recently left Riot Games (spent two years there) because my girlfriend (maybe soon fiancĂ©e) was accepted to the Philosophy Graduate School at Rutgers University (best program in the world for what she wants to do). With that, I’ve come into quite a bit of free time and since I’m not bogged down with games during my day without a job, I’ve delved right back into making my own games.

This game was initially spawned as I drove home from work about a year ago and was nearly into downtown LA on the 10. The way the Sun was shining and the clouds had formed over the skyline was absolutely beautiful, and my mind immediately created an image of a young, war-torn woman standing on the edge of the freeway, gun over her shoulder, looking at the same skyline (albeit with the building destroyed/decrepit). I loved that image and immediately recorded it down, filed away for later use. That later use is now.

Cyborg Defense is a game focused on defending a base from an enemy assault. The player takes on the role of a cyborg with cyborg abilities (sonic cannon, grapple, extremely athletic ability, punches, kicks, explosives, etc.) who must rapidly navigate a map and use various abilities to destroy the assaulting enemies in real time. If any enemy makes it through, the player loses.

So this is all very early on, and I haven’t decided on a number of factors right now, but I intend to try out a bunch of different concepts and see where I land. I’m not sure what win condition I want right now; it may be winning a certain number of levels or it may be just lasting as long as possible. The different abilities the cyborg has may vary from game to game. The number of uses could change. The enemies might take multiple hits to die, or may just die from any one hit. The cyborg might take damage from enemies, or might be able to completely ignore them. Anyway, point is, there are still a lot of decisions I want to make as I progress through designing this game, and I intend to keep a design log here in the same way I kept one for Shadow Quest. Feel free to follow, and I’ll try to post various versions of the game as I progress so people can try out different versions. I’ll also try to give insight into why I go with certain decisions, making sure I’m making my choices with good reason. The overall theme of the game should be a cyborg using high mobility and quick thinking to defeat enemies, and all design choices should strive for that (not going to be too strict because fun stuff is fun and not fun stuff is not fun and I’m going to follow wherever the fun leads me, but do want to keep that feel for the game).

Happy following!