Cosmic Horizons

Cosmic Horizons is a platform game, much like Mario, where the player controls a scientist who is trying to reach the ends of the universe. However, his work is stolen by a villain, and he is forced to chase the villain across the universe, retrieving his research pages along the way. Each level features a certain location, like a lab or an ice moon, where the scientist must get past numerous enemy robots and avoid dangerous hazards found at each location, such as toxic spills in the lab or patches of ice on the moon. At the end of each level, the scientist reaches an observatory where he must use his research to find the correct distance to the next location. Once completed, the scientist will leave the observatory and travel to the next area.

The idea behind this game was actually a focus on teaching the Cosmic Distance Ladder. This game was an additional part to my senior thesis, where I got to construct my own game to show off the power of gamification. I’m not totally sure how well I accomplished that feat, but I think the game stands on its own fairly well as an enjoyable platformer.

Anyway, give it a shot by downloading it here. Once you have downloaded it, simply unzip the file and run the application Cosmic_Horizons.exe. If you need any help just let me know.