Built Games

I always thought I was going to be a physicist. I love the analytical side of the field, and I love solving problems. More than this, I want nothing more than to make other people happy, and physics was the best way I knew how. Of course, I quickly recognized that my work in physics was not the most optimal way for me to achieve this goal; however, a field did exist where I could – game design. I realized that I could create video games for people to love and enjoy, the same way I love and enjoy them.

That’s the general intro to my cover letter when applying for game design positions. I love building things, and I love solving problems. Game design just seems perfect for me. Even if I never do find myself working in that field, I still do truly enjoy making games. As of right now, I’ve created two slightly more engaging games, my Warhawk Turn-Based Strategy game (based on my favorite game, Warhawk) and Cosmic Horizons, a game focused on teaching the Cosmic Distance Ladder (go check out my thesis). The rest of the stuff is is comprised of more basic programs, mostly stuff created in Java while learning how to program in it.

Right now I’m currently working on a game called Shadow Quest. This will be my most intense game yet, but I have extremely high hopes that it will turn out as amazing as I’m imagining it. Other than that, check out anything you want and play whatever you want. They’re here for people to enjoy so, please, go for it.